Magician's Home by Cheng-Hsien Kuo

Cheng-Hsien Kuo Creates The Magician's Home Interior Design

Cheng-Hsien Kuo, the architect of the awarded work Magician's Home - Interior Design by Cheng-Hsien Kuo explicates, The dim lightings manifest the fanciful charms, in which the music excites and amuses customers meanwhile. Derived from the tarot <Cropped>

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Webber (ping-Chun) Chen-Metric-Ganic Sculptural Bench

At Design Interviews

Interview with Webber (Ping-Chun) Chen : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Webber (Ping-Chun) Chen : Metric-Ganic Chen explores the notion of how civilization imprints knowledge and how humans have sha <Cropped>

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Mamo-Packaging Identity by Giacomo Stefanelli and Barbara Cesura

Giacomo Stefanelli and Barbara Cesura Shares The Mamo Packaging Identity

Giacomo Stefanelli and Barbara Cesura, the project leader of the award winning work Packaging identity by Giacomo Stefanelli and Barbara Cesura points out, The new ‘MAMO’ brand presents a range of baby food that features food that goes beyond nut <Cropped>

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Blue Ray Fitness by Tacco Lee

Tacco Lee Shows The Blue Ray Fitness Fitness Center

TACCO LEE, the thinktank behind the displayed work Fitness Center by TACCO LEE illustrates, X ray can go through things. So the designer wants to create a space that people can see all the tracks of blue ray in it. Usually process of fitness is borin <Cropped>

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Cafe by Kei Kitayama

Kei Kitayama Shows The Hunters' Roots Cafe

Kei Kitayama, the designer of the highlighted project Hunters' Roots - Cafe by Kei Kitayama explicates, Responding to a brief for a modern, clean aesthetic, an interior inspired by wooden fruit crates used in abstract form was created. The crate <Cropped>

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Ljiljana Reljic @ Snezana Cvetkovic-Smart Board Eco Board

At Design Interviews

Interview with Ljiljana Reljic @ Snezana Cvetkovic : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Ljiljana Reljic @ Snezana Cvetkovic : Main idea and inspiration was brought by the question how to use different m <Cropped>

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The Altar by Chung-Lin Lee

Chung-Lin Lee Portrays The The Altar Restaurant

Chung-Lin Lee , the creator of the displayed work Award Winning The Altar Restaurant illustrates, Like a carbon copy of the Middle Ages, it has shocked the ancients and dazzled the contemporaries, black and white shadows intercrossing in space. Deli <Cropped>

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Exploration, Design, Logo, Letterforms by Julien Perraudin

Julien Perraudin Illustrates The Alphabet Experimental Exploration, Design, Logo, Letterforms

Julien Perraudin, the designer of the award winning design exploration, design, logo, letterforms by Julien Perraudin explicates, In this research work the graphic designer tried to treat the alphabet in a minimalist and corporate way. many versions <Cropped>

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Residential Interior Design by Andy Wan

Andy Wan Shares The Best of Both Worlds Residential Interior Design

Andy Wan, the designer of the awarded design Award Winning Best of Both Worlds Residential Interior Design says, Lofty abode was curated to meet users’ passionate on cosmopolitan style. Through meticulous curation of wrought iron, bricks and wood, <Cropped>

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Laptop by Lenovo (beijing) Ltd

Lenovo (beijing) Ltd. Portrays The Ideapad 310 Laptop

Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., the author of the award winning work ideapad 310 by Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. spells out, ideapad 310 is the best choice for the balance buyer, it is perfect balanced the function, artistic, performance and price. For the functio <Cropped>

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