Award Winning Yes Furniture Office System

Reverse Innovation Designs The Yes Furniture Office System

Reverse Innovation, the maker of the awarded work Reverse Innovation's Yes Furniture office system illustrates, Yes is elegant, minimal and functional. This extensive office range includes desks, meeting tables and storages that allow the organi <Cropped>

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Ring:the Universe by Anita Sondore

Anita Sondore Exhibits The The Universe Ring

Anita Sondore, the creative mind behind the displayed design Ring:The Universe by Anita Sondore explains, In one single, sinuous shape, this ring tells the story of the beginning of the universe. A flash of energy that ignited life. Universe is anyt <Cropped>

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Flower Power by Mea'ad Alabboud

Mea'ad Alabboud Reveals The Flower Power Vase

Mea'ad AlAbboud, the lead designer of the awarded design Flower Power - Vase by Mea'ad AlAbboud illustrates, FLOWER POWER is a Flower Vase where the designer come up with an idea to create a vase that has a magic to change the colors of t <Cropped>

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Luxury Shoes:conspiracy Shoes by Gianluca Tamburini

Gianluca Tamburini Portrays The Conspiracy Shoes Luxury Shoes

Gianluca Tamburini, the maker of the displayed project Conspiracy shoes - luxury shoes by Gianluca Tamburini explicates, Gianluca Tamburini's line of "sandal/shaped jewels", called Conspiracy, was founded in 2010. Conspiracy shoes effo <Cropped>

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Lean On Chair:curt Deck Chair by Bernhard

Bernhard | Burkard Shares The Curt Deck Chair Lean On Chair

BERNHARD | BURKARD , the creative mind behind the displayed design BURKARD explicates, This deck chair is attractive in its simplicity. In combination with the environment it serve its purpose as a deck chair. To achive best stability, it needs to b <Cropped>

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Blue Mount's The Yangtze Art Installation

Blue Mount Illustrates The The Yangtze Art Installation

Blue Mount, the designer of the displayed design Art Installation:The Yangtze by Blue Mount spells out, The first of its kind, K11 is brand of premium shopping malls that merges retail and fine arts. For their Wuhan opening, Blue Mount won the bid to <Cropped>

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Office Desk by Petr Novague

Petr Novague Shows The The Smart Office Desk

Petr Novague, the project leader of the displayed project Award Winning The Smart office desk says, The Smart series of office desk was designed for the traditional furniture manufacturer, Cesky nabytek a.s.. During the design process, much attention <Cropped>

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Novel:180º North East by Daniel Kutcher

Daniel Kutcher Demonstrates The 180º North East Novel

Daniel Kutcher, the project leader of the awarded project Daniel Kutcher's 180º North East Novel illustrates, "180º North East" is a 90,000 word adventure narrative. It tells the true story of the journey Daniel Kutcher made through <Cropped>

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Apron Front Kitchen Sink by Blanco

Blanco Portrays The Blanco Profina Apron Front Kitchen Sink

BLANCO, the project leader of the displayed project Blanco Profina by BLANCO explains, A generously sized iconic farmhouse sink with an innovative Accessory Ledge, Blanco Profina saves counter space and fits stylistically within modern kitchens. It i <Cropped>

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Demonstration Area:vanke Future Town by Fan Jiujiang

Fan Jiujiang Designs The Vanke Future Town Demonstration Area

Fan Jiujiang, the author of the award winning project Vanke Future Town by Fan Jiujiang illustrates, Located by the Yunlong Lake in Xuzhou, occupying over a million square metres, the launched project Vanke Future Town is a grand community with abund <Cropped>

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