Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site:

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Beer by Tiger Pan and Dong Yan

Tiger Pan and Dong Yan Shares The Snow Breweries-Snow Beer Beer

Tiger Pan and Dong Yan, the project leader of the displayed project Tiger Pan and Dong Yan's Snow Breweries - Snow Beer Beer explicates, The product name of Snow Beer suggests the feeling of cool and icy. To symbolize it into a pattern, the desi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Wave Residential House

Chu-Hsin Tsai Exhibits The Wave Residential House

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Residential House:Wave by Chu-Hsin Tsai demonstrates, In Asia, people usually prefer a visually closed entrance for Fen-Sui purpose. To create a big space in a limited space, designer put a sho <Cropped>

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Nissan Calendar 2015-Calendar by Egc Cg Creative

Egc Cg Creative Designs The Nissan Calendar 2015 Calendar

EGC CG creative, the architect of the award winning design Nissan Calendar 2015 - Calendar by EGC CG creative points out, “Balloon artworks” are handmade and inspired by vehicles used for each month. This collaboration between Daisy Balloon (ball <Cropped>

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Interactive Light:léon by Lewis Power

Lewis Power Illustrates The Léon Interactive Light

Lewis Power, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Léon - Interactive Light by Lewis Power demonstrates, Léon means to engage the user in a lighting experience, leaving behind traditional archetypes of home lighting and with this the phys <Cropped>

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Drawing by Daan Noppen

Daan Noppen Portrays The Symmetry Part I&ii Drawing

Daan Noppen, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Symmetry part I&II Drawing says, Symmetry part I&II is a drawing diptych, it consists of 2 parts: 'Symmetry I' and 'Symmetry II'. Both works are coloured penc <Cropped>

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Logo by Albena Dimitrova-Trankarova

Albena Dimitrova-Trankarova Creates The Mason Logo

Albena Dimitrova-Trankarova, the designer of the award winning design Logo by Albena Dimitrova-Trankarova spells out, The designer’s main challenge was to create a logo design that combines the abbreviation AM with the shape of an old church spire <Cropped>

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Garden Restaurant Lounge by Yunhai Zhao

Yunhai Zhao Illustrates The Funky Villa Garden Restaurant Lounge

YunHai Zhao, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Funky Villa Garden Restaurant Lounge points out, The design team spent two years to practice and adjustment, the theme of the red, white and black collocation eventually become an import <Cropped>

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Residential:house Among Flowers by Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee Spotlights The House Among Flowers Residential

Nancy Lee, the maker of the award winning design Residential by Nancy Lee explicates, The whole basement level is for the grandparents, in order to build a xanadu for them: bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, a garden full of flowers and pl <Cropped>

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Electric Scooter For Sharing:unicorn Scooter by Ignas Survila

Ignas Survila Shares The Unicorn Scooter Electric Scooter For Sharing

Ignas Survila, the creator of the highlighted project Ignas Survila's Unicorn Scooter Electric Scooter For Sharing demonstrates, You will probably notice the unusually shaped deck. This isn’t just a random design choice, it divides the deck so <Cropped>

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