Lenovo's Lenovo A740 All in One Computer

Lenovo Designs The Lenovo A740 All in One Computer

Lenovo, the designer of the displayed design all in one computer by Lenovo illustrates, Lenovo A740 is the slimmest 27” touchscreen multi-mode all-in-one PC. The full aluminum uni-body structure, delivers thinness (4.5mm thick), solid build quality <Cropped>

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Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel

Studio Hemal Patel Reveals The Terrace Coffee Table Coffee Table

Studio Hemal Patel, the thinktank behind the award winning work Terrace Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel points out, Terrace is a contemporary wooden coffee table inspired by terrace farming practices employed in mountainous regions of the world. D <Cropped>

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Leapvox by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Shares The Leapvox Videophone

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the awarded design LeapVox by Hakan Gürsu says, Videophone design for Voxporta Inc. aims to revitalize the stationary phone as multi-functional and stylish office equipment. Mainly oriented to the senior manager and top <Cropped>

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Lab.14 Art Contest

The Competition Provides For The Selection of 12 Finalists Which Will Exhibit Their Works During The Final Exhibition of The Contest, That Will Be Held in Venice, At Imagoars Gallery, in Early 2020. Among Them Will Be Chosen 4 Winners of Assigned Prizes.l

The competition provides for the selection of 12 finalists which will exhibit their works during the final exhibition of the contest, that will be held in venice, at imagoars gallery, in early 2020. among them will be chosen 4 winners of assigned pri <Cropped>

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Keep London Moving-Educational Card Game by Pawel Srokowski

Pawel Srokowski Illustrates The Keep London Moving Educational Card Game

Pawel Srokowski, the designer of the displayed design Educational Card Game:Keep London Moving by Pawel Srokowski spells out, Keep London Moving is a card game about the London Underground network. During the game, players collect cards to achieve <Cropped>

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Xupin Space Design Limited Company-Office by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Xupin Space Design Limited Company Office

The lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Xupin Space Design Limited Company Office points out, This is the office of Sinkiang branch of Xupin Design, covering an area of 2000 square meters. The main idea of this case is "colo <Cropped>

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Ciao by Basak Oguzalp

Basak Oguzalp Creates The Ciao Smart Fitness Assistant

Basak Oguzalp, the designer of the awarded work Ciao by Basak Oguzalp says, Ciao is a interactive fitness kit for individuals who wants to keep their body healthy and be fit, by working out at home instead of going to the gym. Ciao consists of a main <Cropped>

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Streamlined Flow-Reception Center by Wu-Ching Chou

Wu-Ching Chou Discloses The Streamlined Flow Reception Center

Wu-Ching Chou, the maker of the awarded design Reception Center by Wu-Ching Chou explicates, Taking an emphasis on living in natural environment, the designer integrates in this project the most fundamental elements such as sun, air, water, etc., the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ribon Ring

Mayumi Yoshida Spotlights The Ribon Ring

MAYUMI YOSHIDA, the maker of the highlighted work ring by MAYUMI YOSHIDA explicates, It is a ring of light design that emits delicate radiance and is soft with tension. Rather than die cutting and cutting out, it finished in the ideal ring by knittin <Cropped>

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Ryoji Iedokoro's Cutting-Edge of Nature Restaurant

Ryoji Iedokoro Exhibits The Cutting-Edge of Nature Restaurant

Ryoji Iedokoro, the designer of the displayed design Restaurant by Ryoji Iedokoro explicates, BBQ is something that gives people to gather with special friends and enjoy the moment in nature. That also enriches our lives with full of memory. Refreshi <Cropped>

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