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Home embraces the nostalgia of one’s personal home and is a combination of the old and the new. Vintage 1960 paintings cover the back wall, small personal memento's are scattered throughout the display. Together these things are intertwined in a mass of string forming together as one story, where pending where the viewer stands it reveals a message.

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Soft nature

Tea is one of the most common human eating tools, the use of a long history.The focus of this design is to break through the shape of the tea set and the physical properties of the mud.Performance of the unique shape of the clay, the design of the teapot.Tea is the raw material Chinese characteristics of purple clay production.Each piece is made by hand. The mud in Yixing, China, is no glaze. The characteristics of the essence of the mud is the most obvious. For this design, learning to investigate the production of this place after the design of the.I hope you pay attention to the clay.

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Pun Riddles

Design concept: to build a world unknown abstraction, unknown language Unknown words, logical ecological system.Between surrealism and virtual design.Build the combination of virtual and real effect on the vision.Works is described in the virtual world of the creator, in an empty, indifference and calm in the infinite space, "a little bit from scratch to create".In the world, the spread of time and space, twisted, messy and fall.Magnificent treacherous and bizarre.

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Billy Julie

This design is inspired by micro-expression. The designer chooses Billy and Julie for two kinds of multiple personalities. The intricate elements are created by parametric adjustment of the orientations of a ladder-like geometry, based on an entangled curve with partitions. As an interface and an interpreter, this mask is created to make people examine one's own conscience.

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Eyelash Stand

This design explores a metaphor of eyelash. The designer considers eyelashing is a pursuit for a personal expectation. He creates an eyelash stand as an icon of life or a miniature stage of performance. This stand symbolizes a reminiscent commitment in the morning or before bedtime, by setting eyelashes temporarily before or after being applied. An eyelash stand is a way to memorize what something trivial has contributed to personal daily adventure.

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"Annabelle and Guy"

Annabelle and Guy painting deals with a whole complex of emotions and states of minds where one is confronting a crucial moment in his life. all depicted and composed in a pictorial language that combines both design and color so that the main motive will come together in a unified pictorial space in term of light. shapes and colors.

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