Jewellery Collection:fire & Earth by Roberta Pederzoli

Roberta Pederzoli Spotlights The Fire & Earth Jewellery Collection

Roberta Pederzoli, the thinktank behind the award winning project Jewellery Collection:Fire & Earth by Roberta Pederzoli explains, It is interesting to observe how the same object can inspire different people in different ways. During the creative process every artist brings out part of their story, experience and culture and imprints it into their work. In realising this project, UK-based Italian artisan Roberta Pederzoli creates a collection where Italian culture and Scottish landscape are intertwined. Every piece is carefully crafted with consideration for texture and colour, creating a sensation of fairy-tale elegance and enchantment by delicately brushing colour over the jewellery. .

Jewellery Collection:fire & Earth by Roberta Pederzoli Images:


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